Ben Thompson:

In other words, instead of alleviating the problems facing PCs – no reason to buy – Windows 8′s increased complexity added a reason not to buy. That was certainly the case in my family: in early 2013, when my father asked me for advice on a Windows computer, I found myself advising him to seek out Windows 7. Were he to have had a suitable computer, I likely would have advised him to do nothing at all.

Good to see the shitshow I called right before the Windows 8 launch is now becoming crystal clear to everyone.

I have avoided Win 8 like the fucking plague of ages. I’ve not heard one good thing about it yet.

Vista and Seven still work amazingly well.

Seven is what Vista should have been, NGL.

ive had no problem finding companies that’ll build you a pc and install windows 7

I still don’t understand the Windows 8 hate. Yeah, the Metro interface sucks for PCs, but it’s easily disabled. I never see it. I boot to desktop and launch everything from my desktop.

I don’t have one valid issue with Windows 8. It’s fast, efficient, and lightweight. Windows 7 was bloated as shit.

well I had a lot of trouble navigating to even find the control panel, let alone navigate the control panel itself. A lot of times the tablet like xbox interface thing would pop up and I would get very angry. Ultimately it’s just a lot of shit that wasn’t broken getting changed.

Also, when I looked windows explorer was taking up almost 2 gigs of RAM. Woah.

Assuming you’re still running Windows 8, just do the following:

  • Go to the Windows Store and get the free update to 8.1
  • Right-click your taskbar, click Properties, move to the Navigation tab, and check/uncheck everything needed to remove all the Metro stuff

There you go. Your desktop is back to normal.

If you absolutely need to have the “old” Start menu there are third-party apps like StartIsBack, Start8, or Classic Shell. I personally haven’t relied on the Start Menu since XP, but if you need it you’ll have to rely on an app until enough people bitch enough that Microsoft sneaks it into an update.

The Control Panel is listed under “Windows System” in your Apps menu, but if you’re lazy like me and rely on keyboard shortcuts to access almost everything just hit Windows Key + i to get to the control panel. Or alternatively you can hit Windows Key + s to pull up the search to find control panel or anything else you might need.

Also, Windows isn’t eating up all your RAM. It’s supposed to do that. Any unused RAM will be utilized, otherwise it’s just unused RAM that is pointless to have. Any time that RAM is needed elsewhere it will immediately be used by whatever program needs it.

I suck at explaining things but pretty much it’s just “borrowing” your unused RAM until it’s needed.

Ahhh shortcuts, this helped so much. I just got 8 and its been a pain in the ass trying to get everything slowly figured out. I was raging the first day, but I got over it quickly. The tablet interface thing is the only part I really hate, otherwise its just about finding where everything is.

I guess that’s why I integrated so easily into it because I pretty much only rely on shortcuts. Windows key + e is another good one if you need to pull up “My Computer” to access your drives or documents.

I honestly don’t see how people get around any Windows OS without them. They make things so much easier and faster.